Gloor Says He'd Like To Head Revenue Committee

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Updated: Thu, 17 Jul 2014 11:48:16 CST

Like players in a chess game, the pieces are moving. Just days after Kearney Senator Galen Hadley announced he's running for Speaker of the Legislature, Grand Island Senator Mike Gloor says he'd like to be chairman of the Revenue Committee.
In a letter yesterday, the District 35 Senator told his colleagues he would like to head the committee previously run by Senator Hadley.

Senator Gloor tells News 5 the real issue behind his decision was who was going to become speaker of the house. Senator Gloor says Lincoln Senator Kathy Campbell, Senator Hadley and himself all showed interest in the position.

The three Senators all came in to the unicameral six years ago, all currently hold leadership positions, and have a good working relationship.

After the three met and talked about the Speaker position, Senator Gloor and Senator Campbell decided to support Senator Hadley in his run.

Senator Gloor previously ran the Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee. He says he has decided to make the switch from that technical committee, to the broader, tax based Revenue Committee.

All of the positions will be voted on when the unicameral resumes in January.