Governor Heineman considering becoming NU's new president

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Updated: Tue, 27 May 2014 06:16:27 CST

Governor Heineman is searching for his next career move after exiting the Governor's mansion next fall. He's considering becoming President of the University of Nebraska. The position became open when President James B. Milliken left to become the next chancellor of City University in New York. Governor Heineman initially said he wasn't interested in the job. But he's recently had a change of heart.

"I thought president Milliken was going to be around here forever you know he did a fantastic job and then secondly as I really got into what the president does for me it would be an opportunity to continue to focus on the two things I care about education and jobs but again were very close to finalizing that decision."

Governor Heineman has yet to officially apply for the position. He says he'll announce his decision within the next few days. We did get a release saying the governor will be holding a press conference tomorrow morning to discuss education issues. It will be interesting to see if the two are related.