Governor Heineman talks tax relief in Lincoln

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Updated: Wed, 15 Jan 2014 09:48:15 CST

Governor Dave Heineman once again is pushing for tax reform. Tonight, he called on legislatures to provide property and income tax relief for Nebraskans.

The governor said that there is 500 million dollars available for tax relief. He said the state could use money from the state's cash reserve. That fund is at a record high of 722 million dollars.

Governor Heineman broke down the math. A cash reserve transfer of 220 million for tax relief over the next three years still leaves 500 million in the state's reserve. Governor Heineman said taxes are too high in Nebraska.

"It is very clear that 500 million dollars is available for meaningful property and income tax relief for middle class Nebraskans, farmers, ranchers and small business owners. And I look forward to working with the legislature to provide tax relief for Nebraskans."

Earlier this fall, a group of Senators that formed a tax modernization committee said they needed more time to decide on potential tax reform-despite pressure from the Governor.

Governor Heineman will be in Kearney for the State of the State tour on Wednesday. He'll arrive there at 2:45.