Governor stops in Kearney on State of the State tour

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Updated: Wed, 15 Jan 2014 10:10:46 CST

It's the Governor's last year in office and he's out to make an impact.  This session it all boils down to three things-- tax relief, medicaid expansion and prison reform.  And those topics were at the center of attention Wednesday in the Governor's State of the State address.

The day started out in Lincoln.

"I want to begin my remarks today by thanking our fellow citizens for their dedication and their commitment to their communities," said Governor Heineman in front of the 103rd legislature Wednesday morning.

Then the Governor brought his State of the State address right here to the people of the Tri-Cities.

"We're one of the 13 highest property tax states in America," said the Governor at his Kearney State of the State stop.

In front of a full crowd in Kearney, the Governor made his top priority clear.  Tax relief-- aimed at decreasing both income and property tax this year.

"It's about economic success. It's about growing jobs. It's about helping small businesses," he said.

And even with a record 722 million dollar cash reserve and a renewed effort by a group of State Senators, the Governor still insists Medicaid expansion is something the state can't afford.

"If you do that, there will be less future funding for state aid to education, special education, early childhood programs, the University of Nebraska, or state colleges and our community colleges," said Governor Heineman. 

Then there's prison reform. Reform that the Governor says will take more than just his efforts to move from Good Time to Earned Time.

"Are there certain types of crime, non-violent drug offenses that could be diverted into community services? We're also going to be talking about the back end. Can at least for the first six months, can we engage in a limited supervised release program," said the Governor. 

On Thursday night on News 5 at 5 and 6 we're back in Lincoln with reaction from your State Senators on the Governor's State of the State address.