Grand Island City Hall is in for a change

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Updated: Wed, 14 May 2014 06:21:41 CST

Grand Island Mayor Jay Vavricek's recent term has been full of controversy. Beginning and ending with the handling of City Administrator Mary Lou Brown.

Back in 2012, Mayor Vavricek announced City Administrator Mary Lou Brown's resignation. She took a lot of heat for the handling of hiring a new fire chief.

A short time later Vavricek asked Brown to withdraw her resignation. The Mayor's loss likely means the end of Brown as city administrator. Both candidates have said they would like a fresh face in Brown's position.
"Even to this day I have not met Mary Lou but the reality is the more time I spent with people trying to figure out what I would want my administration to look like and how I would want to form the relationships in city hall it became apparent to me that there were just a lot of relationships that were just so badly damaged and it would be nearly impossible to get those relationships rebuilt"
"She doesn't have the experience that I'm looking for and I think that's the key appointment the mayor appoints one person that goes with the same term as the mayor and that's the city administrator, that's the key appointment for the mayor and think that appointment will decide if it's successful or not."
Coming up tonight on News 5 at Ten, we'll hear more from the mayoral candidates on the type of candidate they're looking for to fill Mary Lou Brown's roll.