Grand Island Introduces New Road Surveying Company

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Updated: Mon, 30 Sep 2013 11:09:58 CST

Costs of maintaining roads continues to go up as more cars and trucks drive on them.

In 2013 Grand Island spent close to 1.3 million dollars on asphalt and concrete pavement for road repairs.

For the first time ever, Grand Island is contracting out their work to Infrastructure Management Services, from Arizona.

They gather more precise data in an effort to determine the amount of funding needed to maintain acceptable road conditions while saving city employees time.

"We saw an opportunity here to bring on a group that can do it with better precision with all of the instruments that they have and could knock it out in a few days as opposed to the months and weeks it took our own staff to do it," said Shannon Callahan, Grand Island Street Superintendent.

The equipment used includes six cameras and three G–P–S signals that can pinpoint potential road problems.

Grand Island's vision is to create an effective pavement management system allowing them to fix roads before they deteriorate beyond cost effective repair.