Grand Island names another redevelopment area

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Updated: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 09:01:45 CST

The City of Grand Island is adding another blighted area to a growing list.

City Council voted last night to deem the plot of land between Old Potash and Highway 30 a redevelopment area.

The 65 acre plot of land across from the Hy-Vee includes the Nebraska State Patrol office and the Nebraska Department of Roads.

It's the 14th blighted area currently within the city. So, just how bad is it?

"It isn't bad. Bad isn't a term I would use. Blighted and substandard is unfortunately the legal term. If I had my druthers I would call them redevelopment areas." Said Chad Nabity, the Director of the Grand Island Community Redevelopment Authority.

About 18.5% of city land is currently considered blighted. That's half the amount that can be deemed blighted.

The Grand Island Community Redevelopment Authority also started discussions this afternoon about performing a study of the land where the Veteran's Home currently sits.