Grand Island Platte Flooding

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Updated: Mon, 30 Sep 2013 11:16:34 CST

Flooding can still be seen across much of Nebraska along the Platte River.

The waters near Grand Island crested yesterday just above six and a half feet.  The river is still at flood stage but is beginning to recede.

Much of the land near the river has been flooded.

"Six and a half feet of water in the Platte is going to flood most of our low lying areas immediately adjacent to the river and certain river channels in and around Grand Island.  We haven't had any reports of problems.  Roads haven't been blocked, people have been able to move around and operate like normal so we haven't had any need for responding," said Jon Rosenlund, Hall County Emergency Manager.

Water has been sweeping across Nebraska for the past couple weeks causing flooding all across Nebraska.

In the coming weeks the water is expected to slowly recede.