Grand Island teen is running past the obstacles

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Updated: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 07:28:35 CST

In tonight's cover story we hit the streets with a teenager runner from Grand Island.

His road to the starting line hasn't been a walk in the park.

Meet Charlie Exstrum

He's an 18 year old student at Grand Island high.

Charlie loves to run and, he enjoys talking with people.

AND talking.

His mom Amy said He wants to learn your life history as soon as he meets you."

But, Charlie isn't your typical teenager.

AMY said He's always concerned about others, and feels bad for them and like a lot of teenagers who are self–directed he is more outer directed."

His life story isn't normal either.

It's one of perseverance.

Amy said when Charlie was was three days old that he had a brain hemorrhage a massive brain hemorrhage."

His dad Brian said Charlie had a seizure and was airlifted to Omaha."

Doctors warned Brian and Amy Exstrum to fear the worst for their son.

"Amy said they wanted us to be prepared that he may never walk or talk."

But, that hasn't stopped Charlie.

Charlie said the doctors told him I'd never be able to talk but i talk a lot."

Back in middle school, a PE teacher suggested Charlie run on the track team.

Despite a mild case of Cerebal Palsy, he's been hitting the pavement ever since.

Brian said his one leg is way big and his other leg is way smaller.

But that doesn't stop him..

Charlie runs cross country for Grand Island.

Charlie said he likes being in the air and living life to the fullest and taking a load off."

He runs miles.

And, more miles each week.

This year he ran a 5 k in under 21 minutes.

Brian said Charlie is basically running on one leg."

But, Charlie doesn't want any sympathy.

He just wants to run.

And, he's inspiring others to cross the finish line.

Charlie said Coach Tom was trying to finish a marathon and he was troubling at the end and he had a vision that if Charlie can finish so can i."

If you see Charlie running make sure to say hello.

But, be ready to chat with a new friend.

After graduating Charlie wants to practice with the team next year.

Charlie sprints the final quarter of a mile of his run every day.

Gaining the nickname Charlie the horse.

He smells the hay.