Grow Grand Island survey shows high growth figures

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Updated: Mon, 09 Jun 2014 06:53:44 CST

The results are in... The Grow Grand Island survey is meant to help steer the economic future of the city.

The Grand Island Chamber of Commerce, The Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Economic Development Corporation are teaming up with 31 business and community members. The survey revealed that Grand Island is exceeding growth figures in comparison to other cities of similar size like Sioux City, Iowa with an 11% growth over the past ten years. The four stage process will take place over 8 months. The group will use the results to plan for future economic growth in the community.
"We want to see our successful companies continue to grow and invest in their operations. Be competitive with competitive wages. We want to be competitive when it comes to recruiting companies to our community."
The next phase of the process is a target sector analysis to further identify business sectors with the greatest potential to create new jobs.