Gubernatorial candidate Pete Ricketts says business experience sets him apart

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Updated: Thu, 20 Feb 2014 09:01:17 CST

Gubernatorial candidate Pete Ricketts has launched his very first TV ad.

Today, Ricketts was campaigning the old fashion way in Grand Island.

The Omaha businessman spoke to constituents at the Chicken coop.

Ricketts is one of 6 Republican candidates.

So, what sets him apart?

The former Chief Operating Officer of TD AmeriTrade says his business experience.

"Being able to see how you grow a company, deal with regulation, leverage technology to bring down the cost, in this case we want to bring down the cost of state government and still provide a high level of service. If you fundamentally want to change government, you need someone who hasn't been involved in government in ten or twenty years." Said Ricketts.

Ricketts says he'd like to see sustainable tax reform to better compete with surrounding states.

There are currently 6 Republican candidates in the race for Nebraska's next Governor.

In addition to Ricketts, republicans running include Nebraska Attorney general Jon Bruning, Tom Carlson, State auditor Mike Foley, Senator Beau McCoy, Bryan Slone.

Democrat Chuck Hassebrook is also running.