Haase makes candidacy offical

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Updated: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 09:01:23 CST

A new candidate is in the running for Grand Island's next mayor. After a lot of recent speculation, Grand Island City Council President Chuck Haase officially announced his intent to run at his home this afternoon.

This comes exactly one week after Mayor Jay Vavricek filed for re-election. Chuck Haase is just the second person to announce a run for mayor at this point.

Haase is known for his bold opinions. He's been highly critical of city government under Mayor Vavricek, and of controversy surrounding the mayor including a DUI.

Among the changes Haase would like to see under a new mayor, is a new City Administrator, saying he'd like to replace Mary Lou Brown.

"She doesn't fit any style that I'm going to look for. This is not about her. I want my own person. Every mayor has the opportunity to appoint their own city administrator and I would exercise that ability as well." Said Haase.

Haase hasn't actually filed yet, he expects to file on Friday.