Hassebrook responds to Ricketts, Heidemann ticket

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Updated: Fri, 06 Jun 2014 10:17:04 CST

Yesterday we learned Pete Ricketts has selected Lieutenant Governor Lavon Heidemann as his right hand man. And now Ricketts' opponent is speaking out.
Ricketts made the announcement that Heidemann would serve as his Lieutenant Governor if he is elected in the November general election. Following that announcement, Democratic candidate Chuck Hassebrook responded.
Hassebrook said, "Mr. Ricketts made this choice because he needed to make up for his lack of knowledge about government, agriculture, and small town Nebraska. While Mr. Ricketts has spent his life in a corporate board room or in his family's pro-baseball team's stadium, I have been here working to create opportunity for all Nebraskans."

Hassebrook has not announced his own running mate for the general election.