Hassebrook Selects Running Mate

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Updated: Mon, 30 Jun 2014 11:40:47 CST

Announced this morning, Democratic candidate for Nebraska Governor Chuck Hassebrook has chosen Lincoln businesswoman Jane Raybould as his running mate.

Raybould currently serves as a Lancaster County Commissioner and as a Vice President of B and R stores. If Hassebrook is elected, Raybould would be Nebraska's third female Lieutenant Governor.

Hassebrook and Raybould made the announcement this morning at the state capitol. The pair will be appearing in Grand Island this afternoon before traveling to Omaha for another appearance.

Earlier this month, Republican Pete Ricketts announced current Lietenant Governor Lavon Heidemann as his choice.

A recent poll indicates a tight race for the November general election; with Hassebrook trailing only four points behind Ricketts.