Hastings' Cemetery Walk brings the dead to life

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Updated: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 03:37:39 CST

Hastings is bringing the dead back to life just in time for the Halloween season.

This weekend marked the 3rd annual Adams County Cemetery Walk at the Parkview Cemetery in Hastings.

It's a trip back in time as six different characters share their stories from Hastings' past in the very cemetery they're buried in.

"I'm just really inspired to know how much the early settlers of the town went through. It sounds like it was a pretty questionable place at times in its history and I feel like Hastings has made great progress and has only a bright future ahead of it," said Kili Wemberg, a Hastings resident.

Among those former Hastings residents is C.J. Balcom, a Hastings policeman killed in the line of duty in the 1880's.

Also, Daniel Crane, a farmer and real estate developer who established Prospect Park in Hastings.

The annual event is a collaboration between the Adams County Historical Society and The Hastings Community Theater.