Hastings community mural project nearly complete

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By Jeniffer Berry


Updated: Tue, 08 Oct 2013 10:43:10 CST

What was once a blank wall on the back side of a building now lights up the east side of downtown Hastings.

When it's complete, artist Dave Loewenstein said the mural will be a vibrant representation of the community.

Lead artist Dave Loewenstein and his team have been working on this 200-foot long, 12-foot high piece for about a month,  but they were in the city a month earlier doing research in the community.

The team is now about a week away from the dedication. The mural won't be finished in time, but Loewenstein said he plans it that way. 

During the week following the dedication, he and his team will put the final touches on the mural, including adding detail to the faces on the figures.

But, it's taken the help of hundreds of community members to get the project to near-completion.

"You need their help because they have the experience, and the knowledge of the place," said Loewenstein. "And, if the mural is going to reflect their interests and the culture of this town and this neighborhood, you need them on board."

One of the community members who's been on board from the beginning is Dave Stewart.

While it may look like he's portrayed in the piece, he shies away from the idea.

Stewart said he may be a storyteller and the man in the mural, too, but he's not so sure it's really supposed to be him.

The mural dedication is scheduled for this Sunday, Oct. 13 at 4 p.m. at the East side of the Depot Plaza at 400 N. Minnesota.