Hastings groups look forward to new brand

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Updated: Thu, 20 Feb 2014 08:50:54 CST

The City of Hastings is looking forward to new beginnings with a new brand.

It's an effort they hope will bring growth and opportunity throughout the city.

"We're competing with all these different communities." Said Kaleena Fong with the Adams Count Visitors and Convention Bureau.

Five Hastings based organizations are coming together to start fresh.

"We need to tell our story better, that we have a great community, that we have a lot of really strong things that we need to sell." Said Fong.

The Adams County Visitors and Convention Bureau, The City of Hastings, The Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Corporation and the Business Improvement District, each holds a different function, and right now have totally separate identities.

"What we need is that overlying umbrella brand to bring those things together, so we're speaking the same language." Said Fong.

With the population hovering just over 25,000 people, growth in numbers is welcomed, whether it be in visitors, residents or businesses.

Although, Tom Hastings, President of the Chamber of Commerce says the city's current population is causing a catch 22 situation.

"A lot of businesses will look at your population or your demographics and they will only go into areas where there's a certain number of people. So that creates a problem for us, in the fact if the stores won't come here because of our population, then it makes it tougher for us to grow." Said Hastings.

So what will the new brand look like? You'll have to wait until May 13th to find out, but here's a hint.

"It's going to be a type of a sales pitch. And I think it's going to be broad enough that it's open to interpretation. So that you hear the brand and you automatically think about what you like about the community, and what it means to you." Said Fong.

Hastings marketing company Idea Bank is packaging the new brand.

Each of the organizations will be getting new, matching websites to represent the new look, all to be revealed May 13th.