Hastings Halloween Bike Show

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Updated: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 03:32:30 CST

The Hastings Halloween Bike Show is a place to show off motorcycles...

But, it's also a time to support a worthy cause.

This weekend marked the 16th annual Bike Show at the Adams County Fairgrounds.

This year the bike show brought in vendors from several states to raise money for a biker named

Stewart Samuelson.  —–Samuelson was nearly killed just a few months ago when a deer tried to jump over him...

...but instead hit him in the head while he was cruising 60 miles per hour down the highway.

"Stewart, really good guy, a good family man works, he's with bikers for Christ, does a lot of good outreach work, well I mean all the bikers for Christ do.  And this is just kind of our way of paying back to what he's put up for us," said Jeff Allen, the event organizer.

About 1,000 people showed up this weekend to check out the dozens of bikes up for sale.

The bike show will be held in April come next year.