Hastings Museum hosts "Some Escape, Some Don't"

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Updated: Fri, 27 Sep 2013 06:43:15 CST

It's an incredible tale of two brothers attacked by Native Americans in the 1800's and it happened right here in Central Nebraska.

Saturday night the Hastings Museum is hosting a free event called, "Some Escape, Some Don't".
It's combining the dedication of a statue of the Martin brothers, called A Narrow Escape with the opening of an exhibit called Crime and Punishment: Police Around the World.

The statue depicts the true story of the Martin brothers struck by 4 arrows, one pinning the boys together.

"Those two boys and the parents so concerned and wondering and really had initially thought there's no way they could survive and then not only did they survive, but they survived into adulthood." Said Becky Tideman, Director of Marketing at the Hastings Museum.

Two of the arrows are on display inside the museum.

They'll also debut one man's personal collection of police memorabilia.
If you'd like to attend the dedication ceremony at 7 pm Saturday, you can call the Hastings Museum to reserve a spot.
Anyone is welcome to come see the exhibit at 8 p-m.