Hastings residents speculate on fate of restaurant

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By Tim McNicholas


Updated: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 10:07:56 CST

In just a couple weeks the sign outside Taylor’s Steakhouse will have a new name on it.

But that's a change that's happened plenty of times in the past.

It's got some of the people of Hastings wondering how it will sustain this time around.

"I'd just make sure that everything you put on the menu is good,” Hastings resident Scott Pauly said. “Instead of just trying to appease the masses make sure you're good at a few things."

Those thoughts are being echoed around town.

Residents say Hastings needs a nice, new sit down restaurant.

A couple from Ayr is hoping to return the old Taylor's Steakhouse—soon to be Tory's—to its glory days.

"People we run into at the grocery store and people we run into downtown,” new owner Troy Post said. “Everybody's excited."

Since the building opened decades ago, it's had at least 4 different owners.

It's located under the 16th street overpass and down the street from the old OK Café location.

"Time goes on,” Post said. “People move on to different locations and new businesses come in to compete."

Hastings residents are optimistic about the new business.

Some of them say location isn't necessarily an issue.

"Seems like it would be a fine area,” Hastings Resident Elizabeth Stehling said. “It's still pretty close to downtown. I don't know if its necessarily walking distance but just a short drive."

The Post family from Ayr has spent the last 3 months getting the restaurant ready.

They've cleaned carpets and replacing ceiling tile.

On Monday their liquor license was approved by the Hastings City Council.

To some residents a recipe for success isn't measured by fancy furniture or a new sign.

But, rather one simple ingredient.

"Just have good food,” joked Stehling.

The start day for Tory's is still tentative.

But the owners are hoping to be open for business by December 1st.

Tom Taylor owned that steakhouse for 22 years. He’s now decided to retire.