Hastings Salvation Army distributes back to school supplies

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Updated: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:32:29 CST

Abe Tamayo joins us from the Hastings Salvation Army. A lot of happy kids today, right? Abe: A lot of happy kids today as we distributed our back to school supplies to many, many needy families in the community. Chris: Yeah, we've been talking all summer about the collection for that and the need to be able to give kids what they need so they can go back to school. Of course, Hastings Public starting up tomorrow. So, where do you stand on the success of this drive this summer? Abe: It's been very successful. We've had many community partners and donors help us pull together the resources and we were able to supply some 300 backpacks out to children in need. Chris: Wow, 300. And those will get taken, won't they? Abe: Absolutely be taken. I'm sure there will be people coming in afterwards needing the same resources. Chris: Yeah, it's great to give those kids what they need so they can get to school and do everything. A lot of businesses, a lot of people helping out with this project, right? Abe: There were several, yes. We couldn't do it by ourselves. We need the community for resources and donations of valuables and gifts or cash to purchase those items. We're very grateful to our community partners. Chris: And some of those partners: Catholic Social Services, Grace United Methodist Church, the Evangelical Free Church, Russ's Market, Eakes Office Plus, the Kiwanis Clubs, Mary Lanning Healthcare, Eaton - I know we came out when Mary Lanning brought a bunch out. It really became, as you say, a true community effort, didn't it? Abe: It really has become a community effort. That's the only way we can afford to do those things is if the community supports us. That's true of all our ministries - completely community supported. And Hastings has always been very faithful in supporting our ministries these last 21 years. And so we're very grateful to the community for helping to support us. Chris: So we've been focusing so much on the summer these last few months. Now we head into the school year. What's next for the Salvation Army? Abe: Of course, our bell ringing season is coming up very soon now that we're in school. We'll start our after school programs for children that are at risk to help give a better opportunity for the future and help make better citizens out of them in the long run. Chris: Very good, should be an exciting fall. Major Abe Tamayo, thank you for joining us.