Hastings student's graduation marred by theft

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Updated: Fri, 06 Jun 2014 09:41:08 CST

High School graduation is a time to celebrate and plan for the future. One Hastings High School graduate was doing just that, until her graduation money was stolen right out of her home.
Kahley Grier graduated from Hastings High in May. She received 455 dollars in cash from family and friends at her graduation party. But, when she went to write her thank you cards the money was gone. All that was left were checks and gift cards.

Kahley believes someone broke into her home and stole the cash. She has a dream of being a pastry chef. This money was supposed to help her reach that goal.

"I felt really upset because I was going to put it into a savings to help me get started with college and like expenses and stuff and I was going to move out here pretty soon and it was going to help me start out and get a head start."
"Hurt, very violated that someone just came in and had the nerve to come in and go through and take it knowing what they were taking graduations supposed to be a happy time and this really just leaves kind of a bad memory for her."
Kahley will be a freshman next fall at Central Community College in Hastings. Kahley's mom Connie called the Hastings Police Department. She believes her door may have accidentally been left unlocked. Connie's digital camera was also stolen.

If you have any information on this crime please contact the Hastings Police Department. Connie is offering a $100 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the person who took her daughter's money.