Hastings YMCA Putt-Putt golf course gets face-lift

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Updated: Fri, 24 Jan 2014 09:52:17 CST

Big changes could be coming for the mini-golf course in Hastings.

This week the Adams County Board of Supervisors signed off on spending $25,000 on upkeep and upgrades to the putt putt course outside the 18th Street Y.

YMCA Director Michael Krings says its needed not to just fix some things, but also to make it more player-friendly.

"We got some holes that are really changing and the mini-golf course needs to be easy. There needs to be an opening to get a hole in one, for kids to be able to sink it, and we've got a few holes that kids kind of give up and quit playing because their frustrated." Said Krings.

The money is a matching grant, meaning the Y also is putting up $25,000.