Heineman responds to Lancaster, Vavricek letters

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By Tim McNicholas


Updated: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 07:17:18 CST

Gov. Dave Heineman spoke today about letters from Grand Island and Hall County officials on the Central Nebraska Veterans home.

In a recent letter, Governor Heineman called on Grand Island and Hall County officials to condemn Veterans Services Officer Don Shuda.

Shuda asked a government official to deny funding for a new Nebraska veterans home until further research was available.

Grand Island's Mayor distanced himself from Shuda, but didn't exactly condemn him.

Mayor Vavricek clarified in his response that he has no control over Shuda's actions.

Heineman is asking for unity across the state on the veteran's home move.

"Right now we ask 17 or 18 veterans to share one bathroom. Let's remember what this is all about: veterans first. A new veterans home, regardless of the location," Heineman said.

The governor is working to get federal funding for the move to Kearney.

He says he won't issue another letter in response to Grand Island officials.

More from our interview with Heineman can be seen here: