Help Available For Livestock Producers Affected By Severe Weather

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Updated: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 11:42:39 CST

Buildings weren't all that was destroyed when tornadoes hit the northeast in communities like Pilger. Assistance is now available for farmers and ranchers who lost livestock during severe weather.
The USDA says they have various programs available to provide assistance for livestock losses suffered by producers due to recent tornadoes and severe storms.

As the clean-up continues, livestock producers are encouraged to contact their local Farm Service Agency Office before disposing of carcasses or spoiled feed stocks.

Executive Director of the State FSA, Dan Steinkruger, says while the programs do not replaces they losses, they will assist in the ongoing recovery of these operations.

Available programs include assistance for death losses, temporary emergency feed and help with debris removal and replacement of damaged or destroyed fences.

The Natural Resource Conservation Service is in the process of assisting with carcass disposal costs. Disposal of those carcasses must be completed in accordance with the Department of Environmental Quality guidelines.

Assistance for livestock producers may also be available through FEMA and the Small Business Administration.