Historic Performance For Husker Offense

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Updated: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 11:00:49 CST

I felt like I was playing Madden...watching Nebraska's video game like performance

Saturday against FAU

A historic offensive output for the Big Red

To kick off the 2014 campaign

As the Huskers steamrolled their way...to a 55 to 7 triumph

"This offense puts some stress on you. It's not easy to defend. Especially in a weeks time."

Florida Atlantic...likely agrees with that statement

After Nebraska pilled up 784 yards of total offense on Saturday

The most ever for a big ten team in the modern era ...and fifth best in school history

"The offense was great today. Really showed today our tempo that we like to play with. It really helps us. Really gives us an edge. We were able to come out here and do what we wanted as an offense."

And it all started with number 8 ...who absolutely had his way

Rushing for a career best 232 yards ...on 21 carries

"He went out there to prove something and plain and simple he is just when out there and played his ball and hit the holes the right way, made people miss and that's the same Ameer that we saw last year."

"I've been saying it he's really good and can do, can run inside, can run outside. He is a special player. He's a really good back."

But the lasting memory ...another magnificent catch ...this time behind the back ...by the magician ...Jordan Westerkamp

"I saw the ball get tipped so I just put my hands back and the ball just landed perfectly. I mean that was all luck right there."

"I've coached a lot of football. I've never seen that one. I always say, he catches anything that is near him. He showed that right there."

But despite the gaudy numbers ...and incredible plays

At the end of the day

"We won a football game we should have won."