Husker Fan Day

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Updated: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:32:56 CST

The hard work will soon resume for the Husker football team as the August 31st season opener against the Wyoming Cowboys draws ever closer.. Today, Coach Bo Pelini and the team had a chance to relax, sign autographs and bond with the fans. News 5's Will Sherratt reports "We can't wait either. We've been counting down since the bowl game." LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN JUST 29 DAYS UNTIL MEMORIAL STADIUM IS PACKED TO THE BRIM "Go big red" AND THE OH SO FAMILIAR CHANT REVERBERATES OFF IT'S WALLS TODAY....THE FANS GOT TO QUENCH THEIR THIRST FOR HUSKER FOOTBALL AT FAN DAY AS THEY WAIT WITH BAITED BREATH FOR THE SEASON OPENER "It's awesome that we get to meet all these players and I'm really glad they do this every year for the fans." YOU CAN PROBABLY GUESS WHO COMMANDED THE LONGEST LINE "Taylor Martinez." "Taylor Martinez" HIS TOUTED PASS CATHCHERS DREW SOME CROWDS AS WELL "Kenny Bell and Jamal Turner." AND THERE WERE A FEW WAITING FOR A SIGNATURE FROM A CERTAIN LEFTY "It's a lot of fun. Good to have them out here. It's a beautiful day." YOU NAME HIM, HE WAS THERE EVEN THE NEWEST MEMBER OF THE MEDIA QUINCY ENUNWA "How much fun are you having, Quincy? I'm having the most fun of my life. I'm paparazzi today. How do you feel? That's good." EVERY SINGLE PLAYER AND COACH WAS IN ATTENDANCE GRATEFUL TO SPEND TIME WITH ONE OF THE MOST PASSIONATE FAN BASES IN THE COUNTRY "It's so much fun. All the love and the admiration we get from them. We try and show off as much as we can. i just enjoy it and enjoy being around them." "The people here in this state, very unique. Very rare situation we have. We love them and we thank God for them to be so interested in what we are doing here." OH THEY ARE INTERESTED ...AND IT SHOWED YET AGAIN TODAY SEE YOU AT SELLOUT NUMBER 326