Husker players return to field for practice

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Updated: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:35:06 CST

After a closed first practice of camp last night, the Huskers are back on the field in a few moments again as the season opener against Wyoming draws ever closer. Like the football players on all campuses, it is really down to business now with positions to be won, lineups to be determined, injuries to hopefully avoid and not many days until the season kicks off. Getting ready mentally for the grueling practices is certainly what each player and coach must face no matter how much they might play once the games begin. "You know, you just get to have the right attitude and come with the right mindset, show up ready to go all the time, not too difficult to do but get after it. Can August 31st come quick enough? I do not think so, I don't think so it's coming soon, that's all I know," said quarterback Tyson Broekemeier. "We know we'll deal with it, we'll be fine, we'll get through it and will excel, we'll be doing fine with it," said linebacker David Santos. "Yeah, it is coming up quick, too quick, ha ha but all I can think of is all the things we've got to do between now and then but it'll be a lot of fun, our kids worked hard they're looking forward to it," said Coach Pelini. The Huskers take the field each day this week at 6:45 in the evening and will have their first two a days Saturday. Nebraska will face a Wyoming team that started their practice this afternoon. They'll come into Memorial Stadium after having a 4–8 season last year but won 3 of their last 4. Coach Dave Christensen will bring 15 starters back including quarterback Brett Smith one of the nation's top passers.