Huskers In Camp Battling For Positions

Receiver Tariq Allen Says he is fully recovered

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Updated: Wed, 06 Aug 2014 10:51:43 CST

After their first two game during the day against Florida Atlantic and McNeese State, the next five Nebraska football games are at night...

Starting with a 9:30 start on the West Coast against Fresno State, the Big Red follows that with a 7:00 game against Miami, an 8:00 game against Illinois, a 7:00 game at Michigan State and 6:30 game against Northwestern.

Game times for the final five regular season games haven't been set though the finale at Iowa will almost certainly be a day national TV Game.

So, coach Bo Pelini is having the team practice at night for this first week to get used to playing at that time.

The first day workout for the Husker football team will be this Saturday all leading up to the August 30th opener with those Owls of Florida Atlantic.