Huskers Look Toward Bowl Announcement

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Updated: Mon, 09 Dec 2013 08:54:40 CST

There's an old saying that has its roots in the Army–Hurry up and wait....

It must seem like an eternity for the Nebraska football players and coaches as they look forward to their bowl assignment.

They'll know Sunday...

Some may argue the squad already knows and its just a formality...

Many believe the Huskers will be heading for the "Valley of the Sun" also known as Tempe, Arizona to meet a familiar foe from the Big 12 in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl Saturday night December 28th.

Almost a week has gone by since the regular season ending loss to the Iowa Hawkeyes 38–17 here at Memorial Stadium putting the Big Red record at 8–4.

No matter what the players to a man say the coaches have "had their back".

In a couple of days when you have an opportunity to reflect probably have a better evaluation but a gut reaction this is a defense that started the year, it was not very good by any standard, I think as the year went on It grew into a defense that was at least statistically, it was going to end up if you just evaluated the Big 10 confercned in the top 3 or 4 defenses from where we started to where we finished, we made some significant improvements. We have a lot of young kids on this team that will really be good down the road.

As for the Hawkeyes, the Outback Bowl in Tampa is a possibility.

The Wisconsin Badgers seem to be set for the Capital One Bowl where the Huskers have been the last two years.

Michigan is a good guess for the Gator Bowl and Minnesota to the Heart of Dallas Bowl.

Michigan State, win or lose in the Big 10 title game against Ohio State, looks to be bound for the Grand Daddy of 'em all, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.