Huskers Lose to Last Place Northwestern

Extra Innings Decides First of 3

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Updated: Mon, 21 Apr 2014 09:10:58 CST

Let's go across the walkway to Bowlin Stadium where the Nebraska softball team opens a 3 game series with Ohio State.

Ohio State scores the first run of the game as Tatum Edwards gives up a double and the Buckeyes lead 1-0.

Tatum gets the next hitter on the strikeout.

The Huskers bounce back. Alicia Armstrong with an RBI single and Nebraska is on the board.

Then its Kylee Muir with the RBI hit and Nebraska takes the lead for good.

They then get another run on a fielders choice and go on to a 14-1 victory in the first of 3 to move to 9-4 in the league and 32-13 overall.