Huskers Prepare For McNeese State, Cowboys open at NU

McNeese 10-3 last season, look forward to visit to Lincoln

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Updated: Mon, 01 Sep 2014 10:52:10 CST

Now that game one is in the books, what now? There is no question the Huskers will have plenty to improve upon between now and game 2 as the McNeese State Cowboys come riding into town for the 11AM start Saturday..

Nebraska will be heavily favored in the game, but it likely will be more difficult than the 55–7 win over the Owls of Florida Atlantic..

After almost every first game there is more to look at that went wrong to try and correct and all of the players know that.

55–7 might appear to be a blowout from the outside looking in but o man there were a lot of things we can improve upon. Our goal is to dominate. If  you're double teamed, that's one thing, but  if we can't dominate against an opponent like FAU what will be do with Shaique Calhoun.

When I looked at the film it is what I expected it's things we can work on.

As far as McNeese State is concerned, coach Bo Pelini is a bit familiar with them from his days down at LSU.

We know of coach Pelini from when he was at LSU what he like to does, and coming there to play before how many thousands of people, but our guys are excited about it.

So the important thing for the Huskers is to keep up the intensity and of course improve in this second game because that is what they want to do..