Huskers React To victory vs. Wyoming

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Updated: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:35:47 CST

You could say that... and frankly It may be putting it lightly All the optimism that comes with a new season ...seemingly flew out the window last night least temporarily In Nebraska's underwhelming 37 to 34 victory over the Wyoming Cowboys The offense ...stagnant at times And the defense ...more of the same Missed tackles ...and big plays As the relentless Pokes ...gave the Huskers all they could handle in the 2013 season opener Sellout number 326 front of the largest crowd ever in the history of Nebraska football Didn't quite go as Big Red expected With the wakeup call ...coming early on As the Cowboys hit the Huskers right in the mouth ...taking a 7 to nothing lead at 8:48 in the first quarter Setting the tone for the evening the Wyoming offense moved the ball well most of the night Signal caller Brett Smith ...torching the Huskers for better than 380 yards through the air ...with 4 scores Just part of the 602 yards of total offense surrendered by the maligned blackshirts "They caught us in a couple plays. And a couple things we didn't react very well to. A couple times we just didm;t make plays but like i said I think we will learn a lot from it and I still haven't changed my assessment of what this team can be defensively if that's what you're asking. We're going to be just fine." "It was a combination of mistakes. Some of it was technique errors. There are a lot of reasons you give up that many points and that many yards. All of it has to get corrected." "A grade? I don't know about a grade but we ain't play to good. We had too much missed assignments and we had a lack of focus. We just have to come back monday and go hard." And while the defense will draw a bulk of the criticism ... and deservedly so The offense wasn't the juggernaut many anticipated Sure ...the final totals look gaudy ... 530 yards of total offense 375 of which coming on the ground ...but at times They simply looked out of sync... "Yea I mean we just didn't finish. We talk about being a dominant offensive team and we didn't come out there and put on the show we wanted to put on today. I thought we had a good week of practice but it just shows that we have to keep working because we are no where near where we need to be to go out there and win them all because that is the ultimate goal." "Definitely wasn't up to our standards. We definitely didn't attack as often as we could have. There were a few plays left on the field. We didn't execute our game plan as well as we should have." "We didn't play very well offensively. We ran the ball well at times. Our backs made some people miss at times. We didn't block some people up front. We were very inefficient on offense. We didn't get a rhythm going the whole game. We didm;t play well in any phase of the game. Not to the standard that we want to play at." But maybe the most disappointing aspect of the whole contest ...was Nebraska's inability to close the door Up 37 to 21 in the fourth seemed the Huskers had finally put the Cowboys away Until the Wyoming roared back with a pair of touchdowns scores ...and even had a chance to tie the contest in the waning moments "That to me was a really bad dream and it was close to being a nightmare." "Ameer Abdullah, he talked to us after the game and he said it the right way. We're better than that. We need to play harder. Play more as a team." "It's a humbling sport. We can;t walk on the field and say oh yea we're Nebraska and we're going to win this football game. Hats off to Wyoming but we should have burried those guys when we were up 16. When you have a team down like that you have to come out and you have to have the nastiness, you have to have the edge to you that says now that you are down there we have to keep you down there and we didn't have that tonight." .