Huskers Speak on Injuries and Stepping Up

Huskers Prepare For Michigan

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Updated: Fri, 08 Nov 2013 01:06:33 CST

It is one of the iconic stadiums in college football.

The visiting team doesn't win very often in the Big House.

Yet, that is what Nebraska must do at Michigan to keep any hopes of a Big 10 championship alive.

Can the Huskers take the momentum of that last second miracle victory over Northwestern into Ann Arbor and catch the eye of the nation defeating the Wolverines?

Akron almost did, but the words of Husker assistant coach Ron Brown ring true.

Teams, he said, changed during the season, 'Almost like a cammellion"

"I get surprised almost every year as far as different guys that step up, especially with as many walk–ons as we take, I mean I thought Spencer Long would be a good player but an All–American? There's a lot of different examples of that, that's a beautiful thing, that's what makes us a little bit different here and gives guys an opportunity and its really what you do with that opportunity", said Nebraska coach Bo Pelini.

"A guy goes down, the next guys steps up, be ready, you always have to prepare for the opportunity if someone goes down." said Husker receiver Jordan Westerkamp

.As we mentioned, Michigan will be mad after losing to Michigan State 29–6 at East Lansing.

With linemen Spencer Long and Jake Cotton out the Huskers will be challenged to protect quarterback Tommy Armstrong junior and Ron Kellogg the third from a hungry group of Wolverine