Huskers Talk Of Winning Play vs. Northwestern

Nebraska Looks Toward Michigan

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Updated: Tue, 05 Nov 2013 09:28:50 CST

 The thrill of the improbable last second victory by Nebraska over Northwestern has faded into the challenging preparation of taking on the Michigan Wolverines at the Big House...

News 5's Will Sherratt reports that the Huskers hope the unlikely win on the games last play will give  them momentum when they visit the Big House in Michigan this week.

What comes to mind when you think Nebraska football?

Tradition? History? Well, believe it or not...Saturday night's hail mary ...was a first for the legendary program

"It felt like I was out there for an eternity. It's something I watched on replay. It looked like it took only two seconds but actually going through the motions and stuff it felt like it took forever."

"It was a team win and there was so much other stuff that went into winning the game that enabled that play to happen."

Case in point ...Ameer Abdullah...knowing exactly where the sticks were on that key 4th and long conversion... to keep the final drive alive

"Once I got turned around I saw that orange marker and I knew it was make or break. Get it or the game is over."

"That's just a guy willing it to get to that first down marker. That shows the type of competitor he is and the type of football player he is."

And just 5 plays later ...the 49 yard prayer ...was answered

Sending Memorial Stadium ...into a state of jubilation

And giving a pair of reserves ...Ron Kellogg the third and Jordan Westerkamp ...time in the national spotlight

"yea, Larry the cable guy, said I gave him a heart attack. Gabrielle Union said I look like Byron Leftwich's long, lost twin. Sportscenter said I was built like a long snapper but had a rocket for an arm. Just a long list of stuff."

"It was pretty cool. It has always been a dream of mine to be on sports center one day so to see that, I mean, it was a humbling experience as well."

Westerkamp says he had to give the ball to a member of the equipment staff to hold on to for compliance issues.

And that they will hold onto it until he is done here.

I think that'll give him plenty of time to think of a good spot to put the newest relic ...of Nebraska lore

Covering the Huskers, at Memorial Stadium

Will Sherratt

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