In-state tuition for veterans in Nebraska now law

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Updated: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 09:08:28 CST

Veterans will now receive in-state tuition rates under a bill passed by the Legislature that was signed into law. Under LB 740, introduced by Bellevue Senator Sue Crawford, veterans who have separated from a branch of the Armed Forces of the United States within the past two years are eligible for in-state tuition. It also applies to their family and children.

The bill started at Central Community College in Grand Island. In fact, they've had the policy at the school for the last two years. Travis Karr, the Veteran Student Coordinator says service members typically move from base to base so their residency changes. But this bill will encourage vets to move to the Cornhusker state.

Karr says their program has helped 12 out of state veterans not pay the added expense on their tuition. In November, CCC ranked first by the Military Times as Best for Vets among two year colleges.