Insurance marketplace still riddled with glitches

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Updated: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 07:11:59 CST

The country has hit the two week mark since the opening of the Health Insurance Marketplace and agent Patty Wissing said it's clear the system is not working.  It's all part of the Affordable Care Act.

The issues with the marketplace go beyond heavy site traffic.  Wissing said she's even heard talks of new servers being added to the federal marketplace as agents and consumers struggle to access the site.

In the meantime, agents have turned to paper applications as the glitches are being fixed-- and that's left even more people struggling from home.

"Some of the appointments that I've had have been people that have tried to do it themselves and they may have gotten on the marketplace and maybe they were able to set up an account but that's all the further they got and they thought, well, am I enrolled? Am I signed up? Can you check for me?" said Wissing, with Ellerbrock Norris Insurance. 

As for confusion about the plans themselves?  Wissing said consumers are still having difficulty understanding why their plans must include the 10 essential benefits.