Kearney Catholic Football Preview

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Updated: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:34:40 CST

A year after playing for the Class C–2 Championship. Dave Colling's Kearney Catholic Stars didn't show any dropoff last season. They moved up to Class C–1, finished 10–1 with a tough loss to Adams Central in the playoffs, and are ready for Friday's night's opener hosting the Ord Chantaclears. "You know I think the boys are ready to hit someone other than themselves. You know I think we progressed nicely as a team. You know we preach to the boys all the team we just need to take care of our own business so from week to week we need to get better as a team. We need to limit turnovers. We need to tackle better and all that kind of stuff so you know come Friday night we'll just do those little things and I think we'll be all right. You know, I've been waiting to be back on the field since the last game against Adams Central as we've ready to go again and play ball. After three scrimmagtes I'm realy looking forward to seeing someone else besides our own helmets I think our line, we did a lot of stuff this summer, the weight room was full this summer as well so we got some juniors and they're really jellin much better now than we were in June of course you know and it seels like the guys are jelling much better this week. You know, we got some skill guys coming back and they understand what Kearney Catholic football has kind of become and are proud of that so they are ready to go. We have Thomas Connely and Blake Holtmeier and I think we're prepared for Friday. Our line is playing a lot better and think everything looks good for Friday right now."