Kearney City Council Votes To Maintain The Bricks

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Updated: Wed, 09 Jul 2014 10:13:36 CST

After years of discussion, the City of Kearney has new zoning regulations for downtown businesses on the bricks.
City Council voted unanimously tonight to approve a city ordinance meant to maintain the traditional look and feel of the area.

Downtown business owners had conflicting opinions on the matter. The City held several public hearings over the past few months to iron out the details.

The new zoning codes will only affect new buildings and buildings undergoing renovations.
"That's the goal is to keep a traditional feeling and look to the district but not place too heavy of a burden on property owners that might prevent development. So finding that balance between new development and keeping the good things we already have," said Assistant City Manager Suzanne Brodine.
At least 65 percent of the first floor of a business must be glass. Front facing exteriors must be stone and brick. And, large businesses will have to address size and parking issues.