Kearney County Health Services unveils Minden Hospital addition

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Updated: Fri, 27 Sep 2013 10:47:20 CST

Kearney County residents welcomed a new addition to their hospital Friday--a $10 million addition.

The new wing on the Kearney County Health Services hospital in Minden is 8,600 square feet.

There's also a nearly 8,000 square-foot renovation to the current facility.

"I think it means an awful lot to them," said Fred Meiss, CEO of Kearney County Health Services. "We have a lot of elderly folks in Kearney County and they don't' have to travel. Most of their services they can get here--their basic services."

The new addition includes 10 new in-patient rooms, a new cardiac rehab department and a new waiting room area.

The renovated section also has four new outpatient exam rooms.