Kearney Facing Grand Island In Game of Week

Kearney visits Grand Island for opening Class A Clash

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Updated: Thu, 28 Aug 2014 11:01:47 CST

It's not often that we get a marquee rivalry matchup in the first game of the season

But that's exactly what's on tap tomorrow night

At Memorial Stadium in Grand Island

As the Islanders ..welcome in the Kearney Bearcats

News 5's Will Sherratt has more

On our Aurora Cooperative game of the week

"The first game always feels like a big game but with Kearney there it's even bigger than ever."

"It will be a pretty hostile environment. Rivalry game, first game of the year, it will be pretty crazy."

Not much more you could ask for to kick off the high school football season

As one of the best rivalries in the state ...Grand Island and Kearney

Get set to square off in week one

"To play that game the first game of the year is going to be a great atmosphere for the fans, a great atmosphere for our players and it should be a great night for high school football."

"I always like a key matchup early to kind of see where you are at and obviously this is a great game for both schools."

Last season the clash...a memorable one for the Islanders

Who topped the bearcats 26 to nothing...on their journey the Class A semifinals

"Yea, we have definitely been thinking about that game. It was not the way we wanted it to end last year so we're going to see if we can get a little better game this year."

"I hope they remember that game. Hopefully we can do it again and make them remember the second time."

The key...might be whether or not Kearney...can contain number 2

Grand Island's All State caliber quarterback ...Pierce Almond

"Well I think the key part is he can beat you with his arm and he can beat you with his feet. He is a tremendous athlete and so for us to take care of business we are going to have to defend the pass extremely well."

"He is one of the best we have ever had but he is more important as a leader than he is as a quarterback. He is one of the pulses of our team."

And both teams know a win in this showdown ...can provide a springboard

Moving forward

"I think so, yea. If we get a big win out of the gate it kind of motivates you for the rest of the season."

Will Sherratt...News 5 Sports