Kearney Police Officers to Test Body Cameras

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By News 5 Staff


Updated: Thu, 04 Sep 2014 05:28:09 CST

Officers of the Kearney Police Department are currently field testing body cameras for each officer to be worn on their uniform during regular patrol hours.

Body cameras are not new to the Kearney Police Department, which has been wearing body cameras for several years during special operations or select circumstances. The reason the Police Department is evaluating body cameras for all officers in routine patrol is to document criminal behavior and visual evidence to be used in trial.

It will corroborate verbal statements by both the citizen and officer.
Currently most officers have a digital camera in their patrol vehicles. Body cameras allow video documentation of areas outside the ability of the in-car cameras. Body cameras can also help supervisors and administrators evaluate different police procedures and use of force incidents.

The officers will be evaluating the body cameras on resolution, durability, evidence storage, battery life, and recharge rate. Most importantly to find a body camera that fits these requirements, yet is financially responsible. The body cameras are only one tool of many the officers have available to them.