Kearney Residents Excited For Vets Home Project

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By Patrick Duronio


Updated: Tue, 01 Jul 2014 06:17:30 CST

Some Grand Island residents are still upset with the impending move of the Veterans Home. But now that a Kearney Architectural firm has been chosen, the move is inevitable. And, Kearney residents are excited for the project to begin.

Construction is set to begin on the new Veterans Home in Kearney. Kearney Mayor Stan Clouse is excited for the project.
"Well, the Central Nebraska Veterans Home being located in Kearney is an opportunity for our citizens and our community and the surrounding area to step up and provide outstanding to step up and provide outstanding services for our veterans."
The state signed the contract last week with Wilkins Hinrichs Stober Architects as the lead firm for the project. Back in January, the firm won the bidding process. Kearney residents are looking forward to the project.

"Residents of the city are excited to welcome veterans from Grand Island in 2017. The new facility will be located on 56th street and Cherry and will feature private rooms, bathrooms and over 330,000 square feet of amenities," Clouse said.

While plans for the new facility in Kearney are under way, many residents at the Veterans Home here in Grand Island are still upset about the loss of this timeless treasure.
The home has been in the community for 126 years. And, change isn't always an easy process for veterans.

Off camera, one veteran went as far as calling it a tragedy, and thought he would live at the current home until the end. Family members in Grand Island argue it's an inconvenience making the trip to Kearney.

With new facilities, bathrooms and single rooms, this is sure to be a different style of living. But, Alex Willford, the Executive Administrator for the Central Nebraska Veterans Home, says most of those changes will benefit the residents.
"Well I think the members are excited about it, to have a private room, private bathroom they're excited about the opportunity and have those services available and not have to share 15 members to a bathroom."