Kensington residents remember President Kennedy

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Updated: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 08:47:26 CST

Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley and John F. Kennedy, are the four assassinated U.S. presidents.

50 years after John F. Kennedy was shot and killed, residents of the Kensington in Hastings recall the day JFK was shot.

"I was painting our bathroom in our house in Colorado Springs." Said Betty Schermer.

"I was putting another covering on a wall behind a stove that we had." Said Elsie Grummert.

"I was ironing that morning." Said Katherine Archer. 

It was the days of radio and black and white tv's, before the immediate communication of the internet and smartphones.

"So I was glued to the radio and the paint sort of dried without my being there to be painting." explained Schermer.

"I just felt sick to think that anyone had lowered themselves enough to do such a dastardly deed." Said Grummert.

The President who launched America into space, and challenged the Soviets in Cuba, was shot and killed in Dallas, Texas.

"I think that many admired him and at the time I don't think we even thought about whether we were a democrat or a republican." Said Grummert.

Lee Harvey Oswald was accused of the crime that same night, but he was shot and killed in police custody two days later.

Among the shock and horror, the sadness and concern, where were questions.

"What was going to happen to our nation now?" Asked Schermer. "There was a lot of concern because people didn't trust president, president elect Johnson." 

50 years later, JFK is honored.

"We all remember him as a very mighty man to accomplish what he did at a young age." Said Schermer.