Kids learn about natural resources

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By Tim McNicholas


Updated: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 06:51:37 CST

Bird migration, aquifers, and water scarcity...

Sounds like another boring biology lesson to 5th graders.

But Wednesday at Liberty Cove Recreational Area it was a different story. The kids were seeing nature in action.

Over 600 students will have attended the 23rd annual Water Jamboree by Thursday. Alcott Elementary 5th grader Nakiya Combs loved it.

"At other field trips they normally just tell us stuff and you can't get to do it but at this one you get to do it and explore,” she said.

Kids got a look at the inside of a lake, studied aquifers, and learned about the power of water.

Students are learning more and more about natural resources, but it's tougher to touch on other energy sources.

"I don't know if they totally understand the concept of big oil companies,” Marlene Faimon said.

Faimon is a Manager for the Little Blue Natural Resources District.

“Hopefully today they learn a little bit. I think they covered that in the drought runabout session,” she said.

The U.S. Energy Administration has a webpage for kids.

As does Nebraska Wind and Solar.

And in Hastings, the high school has a new wind turbine.

Clean energy is on the student agenda.

"Hopefully those kind of issues they take forward throughout the school year and talk more about oil companies,” Faimon said.

Drought conditions, irrigation methods...

It's stuff the farm kids might know pretty well.

But now the whole class has some more insight into mother nature.

Kids on that field trip came from Adams, Clay and Webster counties among others.

The event will continue tomorrow just outside Lawrence.