Law enforcement had their hands full for Cruise Nite

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Updated: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 04:58:55 CST

Cruise Nite attracts thousands to Kearney making it the biggest event of the year for the city.  And while the crowd is good for local business, law enforcement found themselves with their hands full this year.

Sergeant Greg Urbanek with Kearney Police says they had more problems this year than last.  In an effort to curb safety concerns during Cruise Nite, a new campaign called 'Be Smart, Be Safe' was introduced this year.  The goal is to raise awareness to the dangers of excessive drinking and illegal alcohol consumption.

"Sometimes you have to protect people from themselves.  When you get a large number of motor vehicles in the area and you have a lot of pedestrian traffic and you mix in some alcohol with that that can sometimes create some safety issues," said Dennis Lewis a Lieutenant for the Kearney Police Department.

In total, 75–officers from the Kearney Police Department, Buffalo County Sheriff's Office and Nebraska State Patrol were out patrolling the streets.  Kearney Police say they will release full details on incidents tomorrow.