Lawmakers debate Governor's line item veto

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Updated: Wed, 02 Apr 2014 03:44:11 CST

This morning state lawmakers are busy debating whether or not to overturn the Governor's recent line item veto. This weekend the Governor vetoed 65 million dollars in state budget line items. Among the vetoes was money for the Nebraska Supreme Court for Juvenile Services Project Contingency Program and funds for capitol renovations and courtyard fountains.

This morning in front of the full body, the appropriations committee moved to override about 61 million dollars of the Governor's vetoes. Voicing his opposition, Senator Beau McCoy has made multiple floor amendments to the committee's motion. An amendment to remove the funding for courtyard fountains failed after nearly an hour of debate. Debate also surrounded an amendment to remove funding for the capitol's heating and cooling system. A vote on the full motion could come later today.