Lawmakers discuss state healthcare transformation

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Updated: Mon, 24 Feb 2014 08:27:22 CST

State lawmakers are debating what healthcare in Nebraska should look like 15 years from now.

Lincoln Senator Kathy Campbell and Grand Island Senator Mike Gloor introduced LR 422 this session.

A hearing was held today at the capitol.

One goal the bill would concentrate on is providing a comprehensive review of Nebraska's health care delivery, cost and coverage demands.

This bill is an extension of LR 22 from last session.

"It seems to me that there will be a very concerted effort to say the old fee for service model that we were used to basing healthcare on is gradually changing to far more emphasis on quality of care and the outcome of care." Said Senator Campbell.

Health and Human Services, insurance companies, and healthcare organizations are to be included in the development.

Campbell says there will be a heavy emphasis on creating primary care in rural areas around the state.