Legislation to change "good time" law introduced

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Updated: Mon, 13 Jan 2014 06:14:13 CST

Prison reform in Nebraska has been a real headache for the Governor the past few months.  And, it will be a hot topic this legislative session.

The State of Nebraska has been under fire after a summer murder spree in Omaha just weeks after suspect Nikko Jenkins was released early from prison.

"Nikko Jenkins murdered four Nebraskans. Nikko Jenkins killed those four individuals, not the courts, not the Omaha Police Department, not the Department of Correctional services, not the people of Nebraska," said Governor Dave Heineman in a Press Conference on Monday. 

Monday, Governor Heineman, Attorney General Jon Bruning and State Senator Scott Lautenbaugh announced legislation that will reform the Good Time Law and move towards an Earned Time Law.

Under current law, inmates sentenced to the Nebraska Department of Corrections automatically have their sentences cut in half.

With the proposed law that will change for the states most violent offenders.

"Earned time is calculated on a month to month basis with certain requirements that could allow an inmate to effectively have their sentence with earned time if the inmates behaves appropriately and is actively following their personalized program plan," said Governor Heineman.

The law only applies to the state's most violent offenders.  Attorney General Jon Bruning says they make up about half of Nebraska's current prison population.

Omaha's Senator Lautenbaugh will carry the bill in the legislature this session.