Like Father, Like Son

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Updated: Thu, 03 Jul 2014 10:05:49 CST

20 strikeouts in a game's only achieved by four major league pitchers

Randy Johnson, Kerry Wood, Roger Clemens, and Tom Cheney ...and it took him 16 innings to accomplish the feat

Nebraska baseball recruit

And Omaha Westside standout ...

Jake Meyers ...fanning 20 on Tuesday in only seven innings ...for his first career no–hitter

Ridiculous, right?

20 of his 21 outs way of the strikeout

Jake ...the son of former Husker All American Paul Meyers

Is part of a solid 2014 recruiting class for Darin Erstad

And now gets to play for the team ...he grew up rooting for

Growing up as a kid my dad always taught me the little details about baseball and I thought that was, growing up, I found out that was the key. He knew what it takes to get there and he helped me the best he could.

I am just so proud of him and certainly I love Nebraska and to see him wear the Nebraska uniform is going to be a proud moment for me but as he would say, it's an incredibly proud moment for him